Happy Accessorizing - Transform your look.... within seconds!

Don’t know what to wear is perennial fever that paralyzes all women alike, it is often followed by I really don’t have anything to wear and that undoubtedly leads you to shop online or head towards the Mall…Lets learn a few new things to make fashion the “Not so complicated“ part of our lives. And our primary aim is to focus on Accessories, Yes you heard it right…Most of the fashion magazines, experts and designers have already predicted and are gearing up to showcase Fashion Accessories more than just their clothing for the upcoming season.

Accessories are here to stay and people spend 25% or more of their upkeep budget on Accessories, here are reasons why:

You’ll need to spend way lesser on your clothes.

Spend time efficiently using accessories to look well turned out

No more “what do I wear” Anxiety

And you’ll easily become the quintessential fashion Diva with minimal efforts and of course that means, you’ll make heads turn - Who doesn’t want that?

So what’s in Vogue now and forever?

Scarves, Stoles, Bags, Shoes, Jewelry and a whole lot more.......

WE at "GYACHI" did a detailed research, studied the market needs in comparison to what is available and found that there was a huge gap and we are equipped in every way to make you the head turning Fashionista with our range of exquisitely crafted accessories.

Busy mundane corporate life badly needs a balance, peak traffic hours, juggling home and office- Story of our lives. Turn to Accessories to make your corporate attire fun;

Tricks and tips:

1) Dress to show off your personality!

Your choice of clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry and pretty much everything else you put on speak volumes about your persona.

So does that mean wear everything branded??? Well, sure if you want to be a price tag for people to judge you.......

The secret lies in assembling the right pieces in the right way for every occasion. Dress to show off your personality!

2) The gut is always right!

Leather pants maybe the TRENDING thing, but don’t wear it if it doesn’t suit you and it isn’t comfortable! Discomfort ALWAYS shows.

Not something you want to constantly portray! Remember comfort is confidence.

3) Always carry a scarf or stole

One scarf can help you work at least ten or more different looks and thus, can change your corporate employee look to a party outfit in seconds!

4) Keep it stunning

If your outfit is simple, create drama with a few chunky elements like jewelry, shoes, scarf and a smart bag.

If your outfit is heavy or busy, let that be the eye catcher and keep the accessories very simple.

5) Hair-must-do!

Don’t forget to carry some bobby pins and learn a few tricks that suit your hairstyle.

These always come handy when your running out of one scene into a completely contrasting one! 5 minutes is all you’ll need to change your look

6) Lipstick, lip balm and eyeliner

Yes this is literally all you need to transform the “I just woke up” look to “party ready”!

Apply the eyeliner (on the top eyelet) and then the lipstick. Make a fish face. Dab the lipstick or colored lip balm lightly on your cheek bones.

It will give you a nice fresh blush and last all the way through your party.

Keep watching this space for styling tips and how to accessorize in our upcoming blogs, until then Happy Accessorizing!