Fashion is mass produced in sweatshops year after year, the buyer is however always curious and looking forward to own something more exquisite, designer and precious, so that it stands out from the crowd and clutter and not just an itemthat you get from your trips abroad. The promoters of GYACHI did an extensive study and researched brands all across the globe, to identify the market needs and bridge the gap with creative solutions under their brand name.

“GYACHI” is creative force, the word is woven bringing together two words - Gaia i.e. Mother Nature or the Creator and Chi which means Life force or energy. Under the tutelage of their Marketing partners Mysore Saree Udyog that has built and reinforced trust in the minds and hearts of their customers for over eight decades, GYACHI carries forward the legacy of trust, quality and value, focusing on the infusion of global arts, artists and creative ideas.