Silk Mark – Your assurance of Pure Silk

Silk Mark is a certification mark in India for silk textiles. The mark certifies that the piece of textile which bears the mark is made of pure natural silk. The certification is managed by the 'Silk Mark Organisation of India', a society setup by the state controlled Central Silk Board of India. Even though promoted by the government of India, the mark is only advisory in nature and is not legally endorsed. The certification scheme was founded by the Central Silk Board in 2004

How do I identify Pure Silk Products on Gyachi  Website ?

Please look for the silk mark icon – which is displayed in the product listing and details page – products displayed with this mark are made of pure silk.


How does Silk Mark Scheme protect silk Consumer interests?

The consumers are informed about the Showrooms and Retailers who are Authorised Users of Silk Mark. By purchasing silk mark labelled products from these Authorised Users, Consumers get an assurance that they are indeed purchasing 100% Natural silk products.


What is Silk?

Technically silk is a continuous protein filament secreted by specific types of caterpillars known as ' Silk Worms'. It has Natural sheen, inherent affinity for rich colours, high moisture absorbance, light weight & poor heat conduction, low static current generation, resilience and excellent drape are some of the Qualities Natural Silk is known for. 


What are simple methods of identifying Natural silk?





Burns but stops burning or burns slowly

Burns and burns continuously


The fumes emit burnt hair smell

The fumes emit burnt paper smell


Forms black bead with rough surface

Forms white ash and drops immediately


The bead can be crushed resulting in to crystalline powder

The ash is amorphous in nature


For a given thickness the silk thread is stronger comparatively

For a given thickness the art silk thread is weaker comparatively


The pure silk quickly recovers from the crease formed by crushing effect

Susceptible to formation of crease, and recovering is rather slow

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